Climbing above Ax

We experienced two contrasting faces of the climbing above Ax Les Thermes.

On Sunday we did a 500ft route high on the South East face of the Dent d’Orlu. Bigish walk-in and great exposed climbing high above the tree line. Shorts and shirtless at about 2000m under cloudless skys.

Monday saw the arrival of strange white fluffy things in the sky – we ruled out sheep, so decided they must be clouds. Sure enough the first drops of rain arrived soon after. The sector Piscine, 2mins from the centre of town, provided a quick fix in clearing weather. The Rockfax special “green frog” symbol for slippery when wet was proven to be appropriate!

The shower was the start of the forecast dip in the weather, so this morning we headed over the snowy tops, through Andorra and down into Catalunya. Just arrived in Oliana – home to the world’s first 9b+. Might give that a miss….

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