Santa Linya

Santa Linya is famous for the huge cave sector, containing more routes of 9a and above than the rest of the crags around Lleida put together (and that includes Oliana! ) The entry grade here is 7b+, so little more than a tourist attraction for this team 😦

Happily it has a sister crag a couple of km down the road which has more reasonable fare (mainly 6b to 7c – it’s all relative! ). These are on excellent featured rock at a slightly overhanging angle. I managed a couple of 7as and most of a 7a+, so the most productive day’s cragging yet.

The day was almost ruined by a close encounter with a Pero Loco, which only just failed to rip the back off my trousers (and didn’t miss the contents by much! ) so we repaired to a quirky bar for beer and some really good soup.

This morning we awoke to temperatures of 4C in the van and 1C outside, but a bit of sunshine soon changes things for the better. Here’s Helen breakfasting in our football pitch camping spot beneath the crag

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