Incy wincy spider climbs up Siurana again.

Yes, the sun is back…

…but check out the number of duvets being worn!

Icy wind blasting in from the north west made for very chilly climbing on our first day after the rain. We checked out the Siuranella sector, which always looks bustling when seen from the village (above, and across the valley). A small cluster of 6as &bs get much of the attention, with some very compact looking 7s either side. Fingers too cold to feel made these off limits for mortals.

Taking care to find South East facing crags for the next couple of days, we discovered two pleasant sun traps. Can Toni Gros lies directly beneath the parking, but hidden from view (the picture in the topo has a fringe of campervans peeking over the top of the crag). I picked out a 6c+ which looked perfect for my style of climbing, up a steep orange corner, but got completely shut down. Then surprised myself doing a 7a over a roof (I can’t do roofs).

3C overnight and only a bit warmer in the van, it leaves a pretty narrow window between warming up enough to move, and the chill of late afternoon. Like a lizard, if you aren’t in the sun you just can’t function! Our last day at Siurana was spent at Grau dels Masets, for a few fun hours before the clouds rolled in and the temperature plummeted! I found myself on a blank section on the last route of the day, with trails of chalk heading left and right. Asking a crowd of Spanish climbers for beta and getting both answers in garbled Spanglish, before guessing left and just about scraping to the belay, pumped out of my mind!

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