Back on the road – and an unplanned visit to Vallee des Eaux Claires

After a month of catching up with friends and family, eating too much and enjoying the comforts of home, we’re back on the road!

Only just though – we were all packed and about to step out of the door when a text from Brittany Ferries informed us that our sailing to Santander was cancelled and we were rebooked 2 days later. The thought of unpacking really didn’t appeal, so we caught the Portsmouth to Caen overnight ferry and were on the continent a day early rather than 2 days late – just 600 miles too far north.

A 6am start in driving rain encouraged us to get some miles under the belt and by 2pm we were passing Angouleme. The sun was out so why not drop by Vallee des Eaux Claires – 400 limestone routes in a beautiful setting.

We managed a couple of routes, selected without the aid of a guidebook, with the inevitable result that they were horrendously polished classics. Nonetheless, a break in the journey.

Our rerouting had another happy consequence, as it took us straight past Mont-de-Marsan and the home of our very good friend Isabelle. We enjoyed a great lunch and a good chat before setting off for the winding road through Pau, over the Pyrenees and into Spain.

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