Fiesta de Sant Anton – Montanejos

Wandering into town from the free campervan parking area, past the thermal swimming pools, it was clear that something was afoot.

17th January was evidently a special day, with heaps of firewood on every street corner, and a brass band assembling in the main square. Google informed us that it was St Anton’s day (patron saint of domestic animals apparently).

After a sunny day’s climbing on the appropriately named Placa del Sol we mooched into town for a pizza to be greeted by scenes reminiscent of the Blitz. Fires burned, fireworks banged and tiny kids carried flaming torches. There was scant evidence that a proper risk assessment had been conducted πŸ™‚ A litre of free sangria calmed the nerves and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening entertainment.

Next morning the outside thermometer read -1C with ice on the inside of the pickup windows. An ideal day for sector Castanas Tostadas – Toasted Chestnuts πŸ™‚ Still pretty chilly!

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