Return to Redovan Ruth

Since heading down to the Costa Blanca ten days ago we’ve enjoyed pretty much unbroken sunshine, with temperatures gradually rising from low teens to a preposterous 24C yesterday. Happily this coincided with 40 kph winds making climbing tolerable, if a bit like being tumble dried.

We made a return trip to Redovan Ruth – our favourite new find of the trip, and met up with Fiona & Keith and Anne & Geoff. Helen continued her fine form with a 6a+ lead and yet another 6a. I did a couple of fantastic routes up the left arête of the big cave before skirting the high cave on the right. See picture below. A 7a and a 7a+, and both a full 40m. The latter even gets 7b+ on UKC – could be a case of the smooth with the rough to make up for my previous disappointment, but it really wasn’t that hard.

Now moved on to the Sierra d’Espuna national park, to a charming campsite that’s the complete antithesis of the sprawling monster near Redovan. Big winds buffeted the van overnight and it’s now pissing down. Helen has declared it a 3 cup of tea morning, and we’re quite relieved for the opportunity to rest aching muscles.

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