Pinos is a smallish crag with a number of handy attributes. South facing, sunny, sheltered and 2 mins from the road. With rain forecast inland and to the north, an ideal venue. Unfortunately the entry grade is 6b so not perfect for everyone.

I bit off more than I could chew, with a succession of close but no cigar attempts on a bunch of 7as and bs. Total yield for a lot of energy was a clran ascent of a 6a+ (cop out of the direct line on a 6b+) no glory there! Helen, meanwhile, second a 6b in fine style and determined to come back for the lead when rested.

Sure enough we were back there this morning, and Helen despatched the route first time. I even managed to extract revenge on one of my 7a failures. We decided to award ourselves with the rest of the day off – and headed back for shopping and laundry duties. Find of the day was a very acceptable white wine at 90c a bottle (70p) and a 2006 red for £1.50! We bought a boot full 🙂

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