Chulilla – Sector PARED DE ENFRENTE

20150303_113025 20150303_212743 20150303_130418 20150303_113700 20150303_113514Back on the sunny side, and there’s more fantastic quality climbing to be had on PARED DE ENFRENTE. Perhaps the route of the sector is the stepped overhanging groove / crack line of Los Franceses (see picture below). A full 35m of unrelenting steepness, at 7b+ it’s somewhat out of my league for an on-sight, but I couldn’t resist a bash. 30m higher and I’m above the roofs and into tufa-territory and in sight of the chain. I’m also more pumped than I can ever remember, having already made a couple of moves I was sure I would fall off. Fingers uncurl off a jug out of pure tiredness and I’m off in to space – hey ho 😦

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