Remigny – France’s answer to Hobby






20150311_133406 20150311_142030 20150311_141703 20150311_133451

Just time for a quick stop-off in Burgundy on the way home. No campsites open around here this time of year, so great that Remigny also provides a handy over-night parking spot.

With all the wealth of climbing in France, why would you end up in a disused quarry. Well, just like it’s Manchester “twin” Hobby, its because there is super-accessible brilliant climbing. Also like Hobby, there are perpendicular faces of contrasting natures. Slabby loveliness in one direction, and at right-angles super-steepness. In both cases there are TONS of pockets. Great fun. Also a chance for a face-saving 7a before the end of the trip (having endured a pretty miserable return of 0/6 over the last few days in France!)


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