Wilton – Invasion of the killer midges

A good team assembled for Steve’s meet – seven Rucksackers and a couple of guests, but unfortunately the party was crashed by a zillion midges. Despite the application of various jungle juice potions and magic creams, the little buggers were making life pretty intolerable. Even those canny enough to bring the right headgear weren’t immune.


The only escape was on top of the prow, where sunshine and a bit of a breeze seemed to keep things within the limit of acceptability. At one point we were all sitting there enjoying the sun; having done two or three routes, and no one in a hurry to return to the feeding frenzy below. Time passed and no one said anything… until our brave and decisive meet leader announced “Beer O’Clock” Phew – I thought he’d never crack!

Steve announces "Beer O'Clock"

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