Snake Dike

A fitting end to the trip. We made the 4 hour walk to the base of the route and enoyed a spectacular bivvy with awesome stars. A little chilly at around 2500m with a bit of a breeze, but pretty cosy.

We were woken by the early starters from the valley at around 7am and roused ourselves to baggsy a place in the queue. Happily everyone was reasonably competent and there weren’t any log jams once the early birds had resolved a couple of navigational cock ups.




We we’re topping out after only 3 hours or so, with just the endless padding up slabs to the top of Half Dome.


… to join the tourons at the descent cables.


Back down for pizza and beer and then off to San Francisco tomorrow. Great trip!

2 responses to “Snake Dike

  1. Fantastic work Dom! Thanks for all the updates and a mini tour of Yosemite. One day…
    Say Hi to the crew from me.

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