Into “The Red”

No, we haven’t run out of dosh – just moved onto Kentucky and The Red River Gorge. It’s the annual fundraising bash – Rocktoberfest and also a long weekend, so it’s mobbed. It also decided to thunderstorm and dump a load of rain. Headline could have been: Red – Rain pouring down  (wake up, Peter Gabriel fans!)

Happily there is some properly steep rock here, so having got rained off a slabby 10b we threw ourselves at a ridiculously steep 11b and surprised ourselves with success. The holds are HUGE!




3 responses to “Into “The Red”

  1. Hello, Looks like you’re ticking all the highlights of Appalachians. Do you have plan for anything closer to Missouri? I hear Jackson Falls in southern Illinois (about 60 miles north of Paducah, KY) is a great sport climbing venue. That’s a little over 4 hours from us.

    • Just spotted your comment re Jackson Falls. Looks good and not a million miles away from our route. Is that somewhere you might be interested in meeting up? Cheers, Dom

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