Escape from the Floods

With much of the North under feet of water, and leaden skies warning of Storm Frank’s impending arrival, it seemed like a good time to head for the sun. After a VERY early start, Jake and I arrived at Alicante airport in time for a few routes. Marin is a handy crag about 45mins from the airport and near to Sax where we’re spending our first few days with Mike and Heidi.


Mike at Marin

For our first full day we head to Forada. This is a crag of two halves on either side of a 50m limestone fin. The south side is sunny and slabby, with amenable grades. What more could you ask for?


Heidi on the sunny south side


…The North side is steep, dark and hard. It was also blowing a hoolie! Unfortunately it also contains 5 of the top 50 routes in the whole of the Costa Blanc – all 7a and up. Guess which side Jake wanted to climb. …?


Jake onsighting Thornton 7b+

Jake managed to tick all of these, bar one slip on a 7b+ but made up for the disappointment with a smooth onsight of Thor, also 7b+. He also demonstrated his increasing strength by hauling me up!

2 responses to “Escape from the Floods

  1. Good for you! Hope weather will hold for you. My love to all of you including Mike and Heidi. What about Helen and Natacha. xxx

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