We had a couple of days climbing on the impressive crags high above the famous showcave at Toraino.


It really is an awesome place, with a real mountain feel to it.


I Gumbi is an easily accessible crag with a host of great routes across the grades  (though somewhat sandbaggy) and a resident dinosaur. ..


Arena and Gallery are the two highest sectors and give impressive views up and down the valley.


Camping options are a bit limited at this time of year – last night’s option was a “campervan stop” right on the seafront. Atmospheric with the booming waves all night!



3 responses to “Toirano

  1. Dominic, Helen,
    Very nice. I’m jealous at all. What is that that camper you are driving? Looks American, camper and truck. Are they selling those in Europe now? Is it a Ford Ranger pickup?

    • Hi Martin. Good to hear from you!
      You don’t see many over here. It’s a demountable – a.k.a. truck camper, but the difference is that they get rid of the load bed so there’s more room for the house bit (our pickups are a lot smaller than the ones you get in the States! Like everything else….) It’s a Nissan Navara.
      Meanwhile, we’re keeping a close eye on the primaries to see what madness unfolds. Cheers, Dom

  2. Ah yes. That truck is called the “Frontier” in north America. Still surprised that you can find those camper tops in Europe though. I thought they were totally an American thing. Maybe I should get one for our Ford Ranger!

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