Seaside and sun

We awake to sun and high winds, and a first sight of the villa we’ve rented  (having arrived after dark). Amazing location and pretty house, all be it with the quirkiness and minor niggles inevitably associated with such properties.



San Vito lo Capo is a small seaside resort set on a craggy peninsula – no doubt buzzing in the summer, but very quiet in March. Just a couple of the dozens of restaurants are open, and finding a food shop on a Sunday proves a challenge.
Off for a first check of the climbing, and we choose sector Bunker on the main  Salinella area. This is near the middle of this 4km long cliff and accessed through a breche from the top.


Set back about 50m from the sea, this is a sea cliff with all the scenic benefits but none of the hassle of tidal approach and wave lashed ledges. All very peaceful – apart from a howling wind which turns out to be a feature of the whole week. Comfortable, if gusty, climbing, but duvets on for belay duty.



By now we’re a team of 21 and we make the evening  (and possibly the week!) For the lucky restaurant owner who we bestow our custom on. A euro 20 4 course extravaganza of fishyness results, as we huddle in a gazebo listening to wind and rain lash the tent.


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