“You haven’t changed a bit. …” – 30 year reunion at Clare College

Perhaps the most uttered, but least convincing phrase of the evening – though it would certainly be true of the college itself. The dining hall looks identical from 30 years ago when we were married there, though the bedrooms are all ensuite now and radiators have replaced the hissing of the gas fires.


This was the first reunion I’d attended – I’d been out of the country at the 10 and 20 year milestones. There was a great turnout with more than half our year making it, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up and reminisce.


The walk across the backs and over the bridge is perhaps the most abiding memory to be rekindle, through arcades of spring flowers.


Then up with the alarm clock and a throbbing head (I blame the generosity of the Port provision! ) with another rekindled memory “just time for a bite of breakfast before dashing to the boathouse ”


Luckily the other 8 guys in the boat seem to remember what to do  (George and Alan still row and the rest must have better memories than me!) We get all the way up to the top lock and even do a fastish burn over the 1km of the Grind in just over 4mins. Amazing we didn’t go around in circles with me slowing the bow side down.


Hangover blasted into oblivion and back to the boathouse for a brew and final banter. See you all in another 10 years!

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