More pudding please!

The French call the conglomerate rock of Riglos “poudinage” – after the similarities with a lumpy fruit pudding. For our second helping we head over to Le Pison for the route “Carnavalade” – the most sought after route on the imposing south west face.


Three “approach pitches”, which still manage to serve up the occasional testing bulge, lead to the main event – a 45m 7b pitch up a gently impending wall, peppered with lumps.


The difficulties are sustained rather than bouldery and Jake cruises the pitch in style. I even make a decent stab at it, with just one rest to get some life back into the arms – not bad as I was carrying the sack and had managed to jettison my chalk bag the  previous day.

Next comes a 45m 7a pitch which is my turn – this one is of similar steepness but consists of a series of bulges interspersed with rests – not really my style. A moment of weakness has me briefly grabbing some tat to make a clip, and then later I  take a whipper as a hold crumbles away in my hand, but otherwise the pitch goes uneventfully and we’re above half way with the hardest climbing below us – at least according to the topo. A really nasty move on a supposed 6b+ pitch slows progress and I find myself dynoing over a roof on the final “easy” pitch, but then the top is in reach and it’s time to admire the view of the distant pyrenees and the swooping vultures.




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