Back on the road

The van is FINALLY fixed – long story, but how can DHL take 2 weeks to deliver a new door from Manchester to Stockport! Aaaaargh!

Anyway, just a 2 hour blast over the Pennines and we’re comfortably aboard the ferry in Hull. Waking up the next day to sunshine in Rotterdam we decided to break our journey for a few routes in Belgium, and we’re climbing at Dave by 11.30am. That is pretty slick.

Dave, by the way, is a limestone crag near Namur. Just 10 mins off the motorway and a 100m from the car park, you couldn’t ask for a handier stop off.


Back on the road for another couple of hours and we stop for the night just over the French border by the Moselle. Just time for a sundowner on the deck (it may look like a roof rack, but it serves a purpose! )


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