Just in land from Monaco is the charming ancient village of Peillon.


There’s some great climbing to be had around the village and we were delighted to find a charming campsite just a couple of km away. Wrong! Not only is the village a zigzag 15 mins from hell in terms of a drive, but you aren’t even allowed to approach the crags from there anyway. Instead you wind your way up even more zigzags to the neighbouring village of Pelle which is about 30 mins away  (or about 3 miles as the crow flies).


Anyway, enough of the whingeing. The climbing is excellent!


We bumped into a very friendly French couple  (actually Bulgarian and Chilean, but Isn’t that one of the great things about the EU – VOTE REMAIN!!!!) They kindly let me use their quickdraws in a 3 star 7a and didn’t even look put out when I rudely onsighted their project  ; -)



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