Heading towards Verdon

Two words have featured disproportionately in these blogs over the last month: zigzags and charming. Well, we zigzagged over from the Vesubie valley to Saint Auban  ( a few extra zigzags as our sat nav seems to think that GR footpaths are roads!) However, we didn’t find a charming campsite – a bit dingy, though it was only  €13. We were a bit more impressed with the climbing, but not blown away.


Scattered triangular buttresses along a hillside with long, steep slabs and generally tough grades.

moving on quickly we decided to stop near Castellane before going into the Verdon proper. This does warrant the “charming” status, and as a bonus has a GR just a couple of metres from our van. It seemed rude not to investigate so I ended up running up Le Summet de Teillon – a biggish hill above a very impressive lump of rock.


The views down into the Verdon gorge were well worth the effort.


And the carpet of gentians were spectacular.


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