A damp day in the Verdon suggested time to be moving on. A great visit, which has certainly whetted the appetite for more adventures here. With Jim and Jane heading for home, a few texts were all that were needed to set up the next rendezvous with Mike and Geoff in Orpierre.


Great position for a campsite, with views across to the crags.

We experienced all 4 seasons in the space of 5 days. Seeking out shade or dodging showers, at least there are plenty of options.



We also explored the newer crag of  Le Puy.



Shady from noon and with a great outlook, but a pity that the rock is a bit disposable and the grades are a bit sandbaggy. I struggled like an overweight Frenchman on….


In fact the theme for the whole week was being burnt off  (or out…) As I managed to rack up half a dozen 7a failures. Never mind, also enjoyed some fine routes in good company.

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