Devil’s Slide

Probably the most iconic cliff on Lundy, though not typical, The Devil’s Slide is a 100m slab dropping straight into the sea.


First appearances were a little disappointing as they coincided with a sharp shower, threatening to put the mockers on the day. Happily the clag soon lifted to give an awesome afternoon.


We kicked off proceedings with the classic corner of Albion, whilst we made sure the rock had dried. Great climbing and a fine vantage point to watch  the rest of the Rucksack Club team, scattered across the rest of the routes on the slide. We had almost a dozen of us climbing at one point!




Next up was Satan’s Slip, an altogether more committing lead with a 45m 5a middle pitch with barely a decent runner on the whole thing. Not a place to slip, but happily the climbing isn’t too tricky.

Finally, we switched crags to climb Indy 500. Also fantastic climbing, but a complete contrast with very steep but well protected climbing.

Back for a shower at the very well appointed campsite and a quiet evening at the pub.


…any rumours of a rowdy disco are clearly preposterous in such an idyllic backwater…..

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