Galicia is the Spanish answer to Britttany and Cornwall – a granite bit that sticks out bravely into the full force of the Atlantic, with a proud Celtic history and great seafood! All that good stuff does come with the inevitable downside of the associated weather systems and it is currently pissing down! In fairness, this is the first time that rain has stopped play in the 3 weeks we’ve been in Spain, and there’s a weather front moving across much of the country. 

Here’s what it looked like on our arrival at Valdovino, just north of A Coruna 

…and here’s the following day, on a crag-recce around the Cabo Prior lighthouse 

Quite impressive 200ft cliffs with bolted and trad routes in the 6s.

Happily it perks up on Friday, and we explore the coast a bit further south T Lobediz near Ferrol. 

Our 4×4 runaround makes short work of the mile long approach walk

…and we’re rewarded with some sunny bolt clipping on rough granite

They’re undertaking a major replacement campaign to replace corroded old bolts…

…with shiny stainless steel ones 🙂 They’ve marked the crappie old ones with red tags in case you can’t spot the difference. ..

Eh, I do like to be beside the seaside 

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