Cuevas del Mar

After a peaceful night parked up high above Los Beyos, the arrival of the local hunt prompted an early start – how were we to know we’d camped in their meeting place. We then set off on a VERY windy drive over a high pass, avoiding miss direction from foolish sat nav up muddy tracks, and BARELY squeezing between ancient stone houses in a couple of sleepy hamlets. Phew…

Having survived that excitement, and not been too inspired by the crags we recced along the way, we decided to head to the seaside, and Las Cuevas del Mar. Our sat nav decided to behave itself, and we were soon 500m from the crag, but separated from it by a very low, rough hewn tunnel through a wall of rock. No height sign, so we proceeded to udge with great caution. Gentle scraping from both top corners of the van suggested a height of a tiny bit less than our 3m, and I was pondering an intricate reversing manoeuvre, when it occurred to me to let down the air suspension. 

The routes arent huge, but on fun pockety / tufad limestone, and in an outstanding setting. Another lovely spot for a free stop over – we’ll worry about navigating the tunnel again in the morning! 

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