Olvena – groundhog day 

​It is a testament to the amount of tremendous rock in northern Spain that after almost 6 weeks and almost 30 crags, this is the first place we’ve revisited from a previous trip. We were last at Olvena a couple of years ago, and looking back at the blog entry we were struck by the location and great routes, especially the striking arete of Espelon Cristina. We were also struggling in blazing sunshine and a bit anxious about some rather ancient bolting. 
Someone has kindly given the place a good tidy-up since, and much of the gear has been replaced – however, in all other respects this was a mirror visit  (though this time shared in Jim’s company). We couldn’t resist repeating Cristina – it really is one of the best 6b+s you’ll find anywhere, and once again we were driven from the crag by the heat, forced to flee for a cold beer to see Jim off on his way back to the airport  🙂

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