Zurita – Here’s one you definitely haven’t been to! 

After waking up to a glorious morning in Santa Ana, with the crag drying nicely after the monsoon, we had a change of plan…

We’d been exploring options for accommodation for Bill and Steve for their visit, and come across an AirBnB in a tiny hamlet, with its own crag!

…we had to go and check it out! The guy with the apartment said “see you in Zurita at 12.00”, without specifying an address. It turns out it ain’t a big place – 3 miles down a dirt track it’s a tiny hamlet in a gorgeous setting, which a couple of enterprising locals have done up into a couple of quite fancy holiday apartments, only completed a couple of months ago, the paint was barely dry. We were tempted, but the options for parking the van weren’t great. Might be worth a look for a future flying visit.

Anyway, having got there, it seemed rude not to check out the crag. This turned out to be pretty decent. About 50 routes (topo scrounged from the Web by the magic of Google – check out this link http://entrerimayas.com/escalada-deportiva-zurita-huesca/)

and we had a thoroughly enjoyable half day, in the company of a three-generation Spanish team with grandad taking the grandchildren out and showing the son-in-law how it’s done!

4 responses to “Zurita – Here’s one you definitely haven’t been to! 

  1. Don’t suppose you still have the topo for this? I haven’t had any luck finding it on google. I’m enjoying reading your posts!

      • Thanks! Found your blog just through a random google search, but it has turned out to be a great resource for planning our trip to Catalunya/Costa Blanca, heading there for December. I see you just left Canada, we live in Canmore. Let me know if you ever make it here, great place for summer climbing!

      • We really enjoyed Québec and it has got us psyched for a return trip to the Canadian Rockies (last visited around 8 years ago) so watch this space!

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