Another groundhog day, revisiting a crag we went to a couple of years ago. Not the greatest crag in Catalunya, but some very fine climbing and great views over the Lleida plain – the perfect spot to meet Bill and Steve on their way from the airport. They were there on the dot of

 noon, after a very early start, looking groggy but keen.

Helen spent a “semi rest day” “just” onsighting 6as that would have been the height of her ambition on our last visit. I was also planning a low key day, but got tempted by the superb orange wall of Placa Gran and threw myself at “Juga Jet Set” 7a – no jugs though 😦 I might have called it a day, but the neighbouring 7a+ actually looked a bit easier, and I was really chuffed to do it after a quick look on a rope – dodgy name though: Gute Sex Machine.

Bill and Steve made the most of the day, climbing long after the crag had gone into shade. Only the promise of beer back at the still-sunny van was enough to get them to quit!

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