Rhoscolyn – on the Warpath! 

After a week back in Blighty, mostly spent in a suit and shuffling between meetings on trains, I was frustrated to get out on some rock again. I can only guess at Jake’s frustration after 3 months of indoor bouldering, so to say he was keen to get out would be an understatement! 

The forecast said bright but chilly in the Peak, and with mats left in Newcastle, bouldering wasn’t an option. Looking further west, Gogarth would be bathing in wall-to-wall sunshine and a tropical 8C. Desperate times, and all that, we fired up the tiny courtesy car we’ve got at the moment and made it to Rhoscolyn in just short of 2 hours. 

In the immortal words of the Stranglers, “There’s always the Sun”. What a great route, and a real trip down memory lane, as the last time I did it was leading Jake up an early Gogarth adventure when he was about 13!

Then we moved onto Warpath, what a striking line! Quite a shock to the system for someone who’d been pulling  (all be it pulling quite hard!) on plastic for 3 months. Jake cruised it, of course, with only the occasional squawk of anxiety  (is there such a thing as a power squawk? )

Topping out to fantastic views across crinkly Anglesey coastline to a sparkling white Snowdonia. 

Rhoscolyn really is a top spot for a wintery fix of the sun (and The Sun)

It might seem a crazy indulgence to spend almost as much time driving as climbing, but the intensity of the Gogarth “Hit” and the longevity of the memories means that a simple a>=b equation doesn’t hold. Great day and some quality Dad & Jake time 🙂

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