Mini-break Dad & Jake trip – Castellet de  Calp

After a 4am start we were in Alicante by 11 and at the crag by 1pm, dropping in for a few quick routes near Calpe on the way to Chulilla. Castellet de Calp has the benefits of easy approach and my kind of climbing  (verticalish, crimpy and generally amenable grading).

…apart from the cavey bit at the left hand side, which is super steep and juggy. 

Warmed up on a 6c then Jake cruised a 7c.

Over on the right hand side I proved the comment about soft grades and suiting my style by leading a 7a and a couple of 7bs. The first 7bs I’ve managed since last time I came here! Finished the last one in near darkness, and then made the two hour drive to Chulilla. 

…arriving at El Altico, the refugio, to find some keen types still at it!

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