Mucha, mucha lluvia

With a couple of inches of rain having fallen overnight, we woke up to driving rain and a forecast of another three inches during the day! However, a lull around noon tempted us to seek out dry rock somewhere – which of course means steep! Back to Oasis and it is still not raining as we arrive at the crag (having negotiated torrents where yesterday there was a path!). Unfortunately, the Oasis has now sprouted half a dozen major waterfalls! 

This put the mockers on a vague ambition I’d entertained to project a 7b+ that I’d come close to on-sighting a year ago. ….

Elsewhere there were occasional bits of dry rock, but with a belay in a waterfall.

Moving further along we found the most promising route and ditched soaking duvets in the hope they might dry out – forlorn as it transpired. 

But Jake did manage a 7b+ which was pretty impressive in the circumstances. 

…and then came agonisingly close to on-sighting a 7c+ on the Pared Blanca – making it through the crux only to slime off a soaking hold with the belay in sight – heartbreaking 🙂

…all very atmospheric with Niagra thundering away in the background! 

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