Sunny on the coast, and we decide to explore inland and the climbing around Granada. This great city lies at about 800m so we’re expecting it to be cooler than Motril, but we didn’t factor in the further 400m height gain to Alfacar, where we’d planned to climb. Still sunny,  but about 5C and a bit blowy… Great views down over Granada and towards the coast…


Happily we found a fairly sheltered spot on sector Dablam and managed a few routes before settling in for a chilly night…


Next day starts sunny but cool (ice on the inside of the van windscreen! )


But sector Al Quaeda glints above and beckons….


First Helen leads Chominguy, 6a, in warmer conditions than yesterday.


Then the microclimate of solar concentration briefly makes it feel almost warm as I combat Political Terrorista, 7a, though I needed a second go.


Back at the van and it’s still only showing 6C. Amazing what a difference a bit of sun makes!

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