El Chorro – Arab Steps

After a week of nonstop climbing we were really due a rest day, but the weather has other ideas. Clear blue skies and the lightest of breezes, with cloud the next day and rain thereafter – climb now, rest in the rain!
So we settled for a ‘restful’ day instead, and made the long but pleasant walk up past the Frontales area (see below with the cave of Poema Roca in the middle)…


…up to the Escalar Arabe, where the huge limestone escarpment is cut through by a slanting natural faultline, which has been enhanced by moorish shepherds with stone steps – hence the name:


Great slabby climbing with a bunch of 6as, most of which were fairly recent additions, and therefore largely unaffected by the demon polish.


Helen was styling up 6as again, whilst I played belay bunny for the day and soaked up the sun.


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