Cacin, Almeria 

We abandoned Reguchillo in rain, and headed east, but not before finding  a tiny gear shop on the outskirts of Jean (NOT in the centre! ).  Got lucky with the boots – they only had about half a dozen pairs in the whole shop, but one was the make and size I lost!

Re-booted, we were back on the road, but were reluctant to arrive back in Valencia too soon; keen to continue our exploration of new crags in Andalucia. We’d originally planned to visit Cacin, near Fondon, about 80km inland from Almeria, on our west-bound outward trip, then fortunately realised that it is at almost 1,000m! This was the freezing day we spent climbing by the coast in double duvets, so it would have been full ice gear! Second time lucky. 

Skirting the north of the Sierra Nevada we left the olive groves behind for high pastures beneath snowy peaks – the major crop seemed to be windmills! Dropping down from a high pass we arrive at a charming campsite at Almocita, about 20 minutes from the crag, with great views across the Sierra Nevada. 

The crags are about 30mins walk up in a deep gorge, with sectors on both sides allowing for sunny or shady climbing. The main event, sector Sobre El Vivac is the first one you come across, and gets the sun until about 3pm. Very pleasant. 

Obviously too hot for the local Spanish team who arrived at about 3pm for a warm up in the last of the sun before throwing themselves at steep 8s in the shade.

We were somewhat sandbagged into ‘Barbara’ a tough 6a warm up, and found the 6b next door easier. 

I then had a heart-breaking failure on the last move of an outstanding 7a+ Esclavo de los esperiencas, before a more successful effort at F###ing Crisis,7a

2 responses to “Cacin, Almeria 

  1. Glad your trip is still going well. Thanks for all the tips and info – helping us decide where we might head for when we get back! A bit grey, but at least dry here, for a short while at least.

  2. Hey Oughton – Now I’ve got time to waste, I’ve, in a few mins, managed you’ll be impressed to hear……. find how to reply to a particular page on your ‘Blog’ (is it a blog?) anyway it tells me where you are………………………… and all the news.

    Well – it’s all coming back now…………. not all good news……….

    Sort of ‘Been there – Done that’ – all years ago in the early Howie WedWalker years………. is there anything new?

    I thought you’d found some amazing things we’d missed out on…….. Turns out we’ve been to lots of these places, not all, obviously, when we WW started these ‘spring’ Feb / March WW SunBreaks……. It’s not far from our most southern airport we used at Malaga and then we stayed at a super little village called Nerca and did lots of climbs and walks, including my culture trip with Mary Howie around that ’tiled fort place at Granada…. waste of bloody time that was, and lost me camera…… The good news the insurance paid up, no questions, so made a buck………. further north of course is Alicanti where we also went several times. Walked with some ‘Marple’ people who had moved out there and formed the ‘Costa Blanca Walkers’……….. Brian Eaton, a present Assoc. Memb, had a pad at Denia near a cliff called Calpe all around the wonderful, but we never went there, Benidorm delight……….

    I hadn’t realised that Valentia is a long way north of where you are and seemingly aiming for on the way home……..

    Anyway you haven’t even reached our pad, the one we’ve never been to at Torrim……… whatever it is, because that’s south of Malaga. Good luck if you end up there, never been and would recommend you don’t either…. ho ho.

    Looking at where you’ve camped at Almocita reminds me of why we don’t bother going there…… So hot in the summer. Hope it’s more amiable than it looks on G.Earth….. We of course didn’t bother to in the WW days, I remember staying with this family in Nerca, the dad owned a super restruarant….. free grub nearly.

    When Roe was working we did drive and camp, but that was much further north around at Blanes on the Costa Blanca…….. but that was ‘beach camping’…….. windsurfing, non of this vertical stuff……..

    Hope all’s continuing to work out for ya……… get yourself a pair of BiNocs, you may be able to make out where you and Bill climbed in Morroco……. remember that ‘donkey’…………

    Bout it for now…….. I’ll keep an eye out for your progress……. Enjoy ‘your’ Journal. And well done again. Payne

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