Gorgeous blue skies today, but VERY windy. We were fed up with driving  (Redovan and Mula are both about an hour away) so decided on Leyva which is just over the hill from the campsite  (about 5km by foot or a winding few km longer by car to the closest parking ).

The main attraction here is the 180m high main wall, with its big adventure routes. However, set at 1300m and blowing a hoolie, this was out of the question, so we settled for the single pitch climbing at the base. 

Beautiful spot, set in a natural park, and with a remote feeling. 

It turned into a day of superlatives, and not all in a good way…

1) Most polished route. Diedro Baraccuda. A slippery horror show, and a reminder of why we’ve been seeking out crags not covered in Rockfax. 

2) Dirtiest route. El Sarga Real. Should have spotted it followed a natural drainage line. Dusty, dirty and covered in weeds 😦

3) Worst crag selection. We really got yesterday’s and today’s crags the wrong way round. We were frozen at Leyva and baked alive at Redovan – the 1,000m height difference would have nicely offset the cooling breeze. Hey ho….

I did also, inadvertently, managed my longest ‘project’. I’ve no idea when I previously tried  (and failed on) El cielo puede esperar, must be 10 years or so ago, but it all came back to me as I was grappling with the very thin crux. What do they say about revenge being best served cold? 

2 responses to “Leyva

  1. Hey you two….. Cold – you should try the Peaks over the weekend….. But wonderful and Blue with lots of White on Kinder Saturday….. and at least we don’t have to drive 100k to get there…… On the other hand, it’s been a Wed. in the fog, well mists but at least not raining. Tour of the Goyt with no less than the Pres with his little dog……. big turnout for the WWs…. 8 in the Inner Circle, 16 in the Outer. Let’s hope there’s another good turnout for miss Oughen on her ‘run and bike around the world’ presentation on Thurs night…… we’ll see. Ten quid a go should keep it down to a doz is my bet…. We’ll see how the new pricing policy pans out. Nowt heard from Highams, except Susan says ‘she’ll try’ as regards a Feb delivery…..
    Tried to find Mula on GEarth, but it seemed a fair way off where I thought you were.. I’ll await the next major town mentioned to track.
    Meanwhile await MStaff copy from Netty…. be interesting, I’ll email you a copy when it’s done……..
    Hills of all sorts, maybe see some if I go to the Plaza Stockport who are showing the Bamff Film festival films….
    Night for now…. Payne

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