Adsubia / L’Adzuvia

Helen and I had visited this ‘off the beaten track’ crag a few weeks ago – with only a dozen routes, it wouldn’t have suited the whole team, but with a good spread of grades, fine quality, no polish and a sunny aspect promised we managed to rally a lure of cars full away from glorious weather in Finestrat.

As we turned off the motorway towards Pego  (the crag is also known as Pego 2), the sunshine had been replaced by grey clouds and for once my ‘good weather’ genie had let me down 😦  To make matters worse, there were already a couple of teams on the crag… I hadn’t counted on anyone else being at the crag and there were now more climbers than routes! Territorial feathers were briefly ruffled…

However, all was soon resolved and we got on with the important business of enjoying the great climbing and sharing the banter.

We returned to Base to hear reports of glorious weather from teams at Abdet, Gandia and Font d’Axia. Award for ‘route of the day’ went to Liam and Jim for their big mountain day on Espolon Central on Puig Campana.

Big appetites had been worked up everywhere, and there were anxious moments as some team members questioned the wisdom of putting Cec in charge of sourcing Pizza – but he came up trumps with some excellent thin n crispies! I always knew he would!

Some sizeable thirsts had also been established…


…must be all that washing up!

One response to “Adsubia / L’Adzuvia

  1. Cec in charge of Pizzas – What next – Bardsley started drinking beer? – All going well I see…….. Might come next year… Looks like you could do with someone to the washing up……..

    Here quite a turnout for Joe W’s funeral apparently………. nice.

    VANDELS in The Peaks More serious is the ‘Shock Horror’ News of the Wed Walker – Outer Circle (high speed 60+ youngsters) VANDELS…….. Got thrown out of a pub garden yesterday for “Eating their Butties”…….. bloody rabble….. Hope they told the ‘Mad Landlady’ they were in the Climbers Club or were all members of the BMC.

    Wass it coming to when you can’t eat yer butties outside a pub… Where’s Lord when you need a barrister?

    Keep Eating…… oh and the odd climb……. All the best to SunRockers everywhere…. Payne

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