Limestone shuffle

With spring in the air  (finally, after a few depressing days of rain and even a couple of wall visits 😦  ) Jim and I head into the Peak for some limestone fun.

The plan is Beeston – sunny, sheltered and superficially a bit like pockety Spanish rock. We arrived to find the river in flood and the stepping stones underwater, so retraced our steps to approach from the top. I was engrossed in The Thorn when a commotion arose across the bank. The farmer informing us that the crag was banned due to peregrine nesting, using suitably agricultural language “ger off the ###ing crag – I’m reporting you!”

As responsible climbers I lowered off and stripped the gear and we trooped back to the car – confirming our impression that there were no signs indicating a ban. Dilemma – do we bugger off or head down to placate our irate accuser. I went for the latter approach, and we were gratified to be met with understanding that we hadn’t been acting maliciously and that they’d organise a sign to indicate the ban (there was one on the usual approach). Handshakes and smiles all around, and no harm done as the nest is in the ivy gash, quite a way to the side of our route.

If it had all gone pear shaped I was going to leak this picture of the perpetrator 🙂


With Plan A in tatters we decided to salvage the remains of the day with a trip to Stoney.

Inquisitor and FeeFiFoFum both providing reminders of the fine lines to be enjoyed here, and how many people have already enjoyed them! They don’t get any less slippery!




Gorgeous sunset over Manchester on the way home


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