With the forecast suggesting that Monday would be the last decent day before the monsoon returned, it seemed churlish not to drag aching limbs out for one last day. Leaving Glossop in glowing sunshine it was disappointing to arrive at the Surprise View car park in dull cloud and a biting wind. Not the surprise we’d hoped for!

Decision time: £3.50 for 4 hours or an extra quid for the whole day. We gambled on a hint of blue on the horizon, and weren’t disappointed.

However, we did have a further setback with yet another bird ban!


I’m starting to take it personally!  Anyway, this forced me away from some of my ‘usual party tricks’ and I did Plexity and Mayday, both for the first time.


Neil on Mayday


Helen topping out on Eartha


Helen on Covent Garden


Neil on Bond Street


Maria following Embankment 4 with my feet just visible at the top!

…meanwhile, someone has made a right mess of London Wall


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