Puig de Garrafa – Welcome to Mallorca

We hadn’t visited Mallorca for 7 (me) and 15 (Helen) years, and there has been a lot of development since, so this visit is a chance to check out some new crags and rediscover some old ones. Arriving to sun and 24C it is also an opportunity / necessity to find some shady ones!

First on the itinerary is Puig de Garrafa, a series of sectors strung out along a west facing escarpment on western end of the island. There’s a great variety of grades and styles here, with super steep white wall of To pa ti towards the left hand end (complete shutdown on the crux of the eponymous top 50 7a) to bulging flaky walls at sector Duck (also home to 2 top 50s, both 5s and horribly polished) Much better instead to do the excellent Hooters a few routes to the right.



Then down to the coast for a beer with a view…



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