Sa Gubia

This has to be Mallorca’s premier crag for the breadth of climbing available, from huge moderate multi pitch routes to steep test pieces, all in a fabulous setting – good options for sun and shade too.


Something for everyone, so we split up into two teams, with Helen, Tash and Leah heading to the allegedly shady Potaje espanol sector (which turned out to be a sun trap) and Jake and I went to the Parat de Coloms opposite.

Warming up on top 50 Algo Savage, perhaps the world’s hardest 6b, I could tell I might be in for an unproductive day in terms of ‘ticks’ and sure enough it was the only route I managed clean.

At least the other climbers at the crag were struggling too! Apart from Jake of course. Sal de Arenal, a crazy tough 6c, seemed to be spitting everyone else off from its last move, and I didn’t spot anyone else managing the classic Pastels de Isabel 7b. By the time I tried to lead Si lo se no vengo, a brilliant 7a linking giant blobs via steep wall climbing, I just didn’t have anything left in the tank!


2 responses to “Sa Gubia

  1. Fantastic. I love Majorca. Was my first ever Mediterranean climbing trip with Andy S and scene of the legendary mushroom incident – ask him about it.

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