What an awesome spot! High up in the mountains and tucked away up a hidden gorge, it is a wonder that it was discovered and developed. Happily it was! A dip in temperature and a howling wind plus the shady aspect made for a real contrast with the previous day – fleece plus duvet for belay duty!



After struggling on the 6b+ warm up I was thinking it might be another frustrating day, but Jake put the clips in the outstanding looking Jungle Hop, a top 50 7a+ and it seemed rude not to give it a go. It turned out to be just up my street 🙂


Having intended a rest day I allowed myself the rest of the day on belay bunny duty whilst Jake threw himself at various 7bs and cs. Then an early finish to negotiate the 30 hairpins down the dirt track and round the mountain back to the villa – annoying to be only 3 miles away as the crow flies but an hour’s drive! One of Tashy’s world famous spag bols rounded off a fine day.


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