Stanage – Marble Wall

A quick blast of climbing was just what Jake needed after a tough few days, but would the weather play ball? With rain spattering on the windscreen over The Snake it was looking more like a session at The Works, but a bit of a lull gave us the optimism to park up and plod over to Stanage End.


Jake warmed up on Terraza Crack HVS and I was glad of the top rope – I’d foolishly thought I was getting my grit head back but this put me right!


Next was Orang-Outang E2 and a tough one at that (though very safe). We even got a glimmer of sunshine!


… And the finale was Goosey Goosey Gander E5 which Jake cruised albeit with preplaced gear (very sensible with the general air of smegginess in the cracks), and I retrieved the gear…



Tough stuff, this grit! Need to take a leaf out of Jake’s book and do a bit of bouldering! Anyway, it certainly blew the cobwebs away.

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