A quick fix at The Torrs

With a bit of a lull in the summery weather a local sheltered spot was called for – where better than New Mills Torrs? Dave and I headed down into this adventure playground tucked away a hundred feet beneath the High Street of this bustling Derbyshire village.


About 50 routes, of which a dozen or so are real classics.

Alcove crack provides a stiff warm up, unremittingly steep and pumpy for HVS, but with great gear throughout.


Upping a notch, we move onto Mather Crack which gets E2 but isn’t a whole lot harder. Great route though.

Next up is The Arete with the direct start. Now that IS worth E3 – tough bouldery start, heart-in-mouth moves to pull on to the Arete proper, keeping calm for another 30ft until some gear appears and a final nerve-wracking 10ft up giant Jenga blocks. Awesome.


… And finishing off on Electric Circus, the classic of the crag and pretty reasonable for E3, especially once you have figured out where it goes.

Good quick blast for a short Saturday afternoon, only a hint of drizzle – I suspect they were frozen on Stanage!

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