With a forecast for showers and thunderstorms it made sense to be near the road on a south facing crag with the occasional cave. Arginonta main crag, just across the road / valley from yesterday’s venue, was just the job.


Actually things didn’t look too bad weather wise to start with, and we warmed up on a couple of routes on the Katharina Fire Wall.


I’m still nursing a poorly hand after my tumble jogging over Tintwistle, so am taking things pretty gently. Happy to get up a 6b+/c…


… Appropriate name, as it was climbed in a mini downpour. The adjacent route “something different” up a corner / cave system had Helen extolling “the best 5c I’ve ever done”


… And perma-dry! The base formed a good vantage point to observe the scooter exodus, not such a cool mode of transport when it’s pissing down.


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