Iannis and Kalydna

Another trip up to the Poets area, this time venturing a little further left. Helen started off by leading the classic Poets Corner


Then we both did Saxonia, which was outstanding. Heading across to Iannis I did Verikoko, the 7a+ just left of Sens Unique, and a significantly stiffer proposition (especially in the high heat and humidity). Very thin climbing in the top half, with only just enough to stay in contact with the rock.


Chasing the shade again, we headed further left into the Kalydna cave. At first glance, a haven of cool, but with a strangely humid microclimate – the holds felt really smeggy 😦 Ixion was the other route on my wish list for the day, which turned out to be demanding in the conditions, but with outstanding climbing – a bit of everything: pockets, tufa, a crack, you name it. Unfortunately I missed a key hold and didn’t get the onsight (beta spoiler alert – pocket to the right of the flakes crackline).

By then the sun had arrived, and there was only one sensible next stop…





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