Spartan Wall and Summertime

I’d been hoping for a cooler spell to explore the crags left of the Grande Grotta, but with only a few climbing days left the forecast remains stubbornly in the high 20s and 60% humidity. Oh well, at least they get morning shade.

First stop is a tough warmup on Swiss Baby at Afternoon then we headed over to my main objective of the day – Kurva on Spartan Wall, a 38m 7a. This is a fabulous route and gave full value in the conditions. A tough, polished move left across a steep wall gains a half rest on an arete. A huge reach yields a decent pocket and a hoof for better holds and a slabby interlude – you think you’ve earned a 7a tick already then look up and see you’ve got another 20m. Things steepen up again and a series of underlings and layaways on slippery foot holds (not to mention tiring arms) just about leaves enough in the tank for a lunge for the final jug. What a tussle!


My remaining plans for the day (Kerveros on Spartacus and Dike on Jurassic Park) were both swiftly consigned to the “future projects” list as both specifically mention being tough when hot. I was done in!

… But there was still a bit of shade to be had further right on Spartan Wall, the only problem being that a herd of goats also fancied the cool. Helen led Hibiscus Market despite the close attention of one of the herd!




That could easily have been the cue for another dip in the sea, but we decided to pootle along the few km to sector Summertime to check it out. Just 5 minutes from the road and nicely shaded in soothing cool we were even inspired to gear-up again. We ended up doing another 3 routes, the best (and easiest) of which was the excellent Ammohostos Vamelevousa, an outstanding jug haul on continuously surprising holds. Great fun!


… and all washed down with lashings of gorgeous views…


I particularly admire the way the locals have planted colourful azalea bushes where others might consider ARMCO barriers to be the norm!


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