Ratho – the ultimate YECTOYD

Fed up with the rain at home we figured we may as well at least have a change of scene and get rained on in Scotland instead. It helped that it was absolutely hammering down as we left home. Armed with the 7aMax guidebook to Scottish sports climbing, we set off with a vague plan to drive north until it stopped raining and we were near some rock (or we hit John O’Groatts) Torrents alternated with occasional sunny intervals, but it was looking completely grim as we neared Edinburgh. However, a tiny chink of blue prompted us to pull in to the car park at Ratho – the Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena (the biggest in the world!)…


not to pull on plastic, but because there are a dozen bolted routes in the neighbouring Quarry.


Wow! What an impressive little spot (and amazing weather window). We quickly donned gear and Helen lead a route against the odds…


A huge black cloud sailed overhead…

but squeezed past to dump its contents a little further away, so we managed a couple more routes – both excellent 6b+s, before the heavens opened BIG TIME.


Semi drenched after the 100m dash into the climbing centre, we called it a day and drove over the Forth road bridge and found a pleasant stopping place near Kinross. Welcome to Scotland!

YECTOYD – You Either Climbed Today Or You Didn’t 

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