Tardos – a taste of Hungarian climbing 

Hungary is pretty flat – plenty of pretty green rolling hills, but not a lot of rock or places to climb. However, we were passing through and determined to get some climbing under our belts.

About half an hour west of Budapest, the Geresce hills are a great recreation resource for the 2m population of the Hungarian capital, on the banks of the Danube, and have a couple of popular climbing venues. We set off to find Tardos which promised to be near the road (and therefore easy to find).

After a bit of head scratching we figured this sign meant we probably shouldn’t drive past this gate for fear of being locked in…

For the benefit of other intrepid souls, what you do is park outside the gate then walk about half a mile up the track until you spot a cairn on the right – gps coordinates as below. 

Then a 5 mins up hill walk up a decent path leads to a “gateway” between two rock pillars and the entrance to the quarry – literally a hole in the ground! 

… With a 360 degree Panorama of climbing options in sun or shade, to suit the temperature. Reddish limestone a little reminiscent of a cross between Trowbarrow and Millstone, but bolted. 

There’s even a handy topo for the off-comers. 

Here’s Helen on Angylhangyla

Me on Csellengo, a tricky 7 with a scary pop for a distant pocket a l-o-o-o-ng way above a bolt. 

And Helen on what is probably the route of the crag, Moha & Pafrany a 25m 6+ sustained crack which is really pumpy due to the very shiny state of the holds – outstanding line though (felt about E2!) 

Back to the campsite to find they are clearing up from a craft beer festival, and the campsite owner plying us with leftovers. We just had to pick up some carry outs to tide us over the next few days.

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