Chatzouri – into the Peloponnese 

We’ve based ourselves on the coast about 20km west of Patras – pleasant enough campsite, but not a patch on the last couple of nights parked up by the sea. Good views of Varasova (between the beach brollies) 

… and the Patras bridge

… Yes, I know they’re a bit fuzzy – they’re each about 20 miles away! 

A similar distance inland is Chatzouri which has a hard cave sector (entry grade 7b+ so not super interesting for us) and an attractive pockety wall (30 to 40m high and about 25 routes from 5c to 7c). With shade from around 2pm our impatience saw us arrive too early and toast on To Nima tis Stathmis, a sustained 6a+. Probably not the ideal warm up, given the heat, but the easiest route available as we’d failed to notice that half the routes were trad, and left the rack behind. Oops 

Working our way leftwards we did another couple of very good 6b/+s, also 35m+, the pick of which was probably Fragulator… 

We’re getting quite good at decoding the Greek script – I knew A Level Physics would come in handy one day. 

Heading home we managed to hit rush hour… 

But still made it back in time to get the washing on… 

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