Jake got in on the “red eye” around 1am so we’d packed him off to an airport hotel for the night and picked him up at 10am this morning. Sesi is one of Athens most popular crags and only 15km from the airport. Any concerns about it being built-up or over flown were quickly dispelled, and the last 3km of dirt road delivered us high into a side valley on Mt. Hymettus. 

Only 15 to 20m high, the routes nonetheless pack a punch, being generally steep and crimpy. Despite its popularity there’s little evidence of polish though the grades are stiff. 

Jake set about demonstrating that confinement to a diet of indoor bouldering is no obstacle to performing outside

And Helen managed to find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow (weird as there was no sign of any precipitation at all) 

Ironically, having chosen an east facing crag to avoid the afternoon sun, we ended up wrapped in jackets and fleece because of a biting wind. Good climbing connies though. 

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