King of Thrones and Aresos

We’d heard good things about Sector King of Thrones, another shady option on what was forecast to be the last of the blazing hot days (27C), so we were quite surprised to find that we had the whole place to ourselves!

There’s a mix of grades with some easier routes on grey pockets on the right and toughies on tufa on the left. Helen led the very “peak limestone” looking Bourgeoisie

And then we did Proletariat, 6b+ (and an easy one at that, at least until it gets polished!) just to the left (of course).

By now the place was mobbed by an invasion of the saxon hordes as a bunch of teams from Switzerland and Germany converged by coincidence. Wanting to avoid any queuing I jumped on Song of Ice and Fire, 7a+, as much for the ace route name as anything. A little further reflection would have had me notice the spaced bolting and saved me abandoning my first maillon of the trip. 😦 With a feeling of impending claustrophobia we decided to quit and make it a two-crag day. Worth the walk for the great views of the town and the encircling crags.

… Which took us nicely up to about 3pm which is when sector Aresos comes into the shade.

 This is a pleasant 30 mins walk up a well-graded path into glorious solitude. There are about 20 routes here from low 5s to 6b, and up to about 25m. Very different climbing from the red stuff elsewhere, with good but sharp edges and excellent bolting.

… and yet another great view (you can just about make out King of Thrones on the hump in the middle-left of the picture, left of the sea.  

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